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Cotton Root Rot

Keys to Success in Controlling Cotton Root Rot


NOTE: The Environmental Protection Agency previously granted a Section 18 exemption for cotton growers in Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas to use TOPGUARD® Fungicide for controlling cotton root rot in cotton. Currently this exemption has expired.



TOPGUARD, with the active ingredient flutriafol, provides the only known control of cotton root rot caused by Phymatorichum omnivorum on cotton. Growers should use TOPGUARD in their cotton fields known to have a history of the disease. The fungicide may be applied by ground equipment at planting either as a T-Band application or Modified In-Furrow.


For T-Band: Apply TOPGUARD in a concentrated 3-4 inch wide band at planting perpendicular to row direction after furrow opening and seed placement, but prior to furrow closure with press wheel.


For Modified In-Furrow: Apply TOPGUARD using a splitter/Y shaped application mechanism or seed firmer that directs the product on the sides of the seed furrow and not in direct contact with the seed.


Labeled Crops/Use Sites: Cotton


Always read and follow label directions. TOPGUARD is a registered trademark of Cheminova, Inc.

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