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Cotton Root Rot

Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption Granted for Texas in 2015


For the fourth year, Texas cotton growers have been granted a Section 18 exemption by the Environmental Protection Agency to use TOPGUARD® Fungicide for controlling cotton root rot in cotton. This exemption is effective February 1, 2015 and expires on June 30, 2015. The EPA letter to the Texas Dept. of Agriculture is available for download here.


Anyone applying TOPGUARD for cotton root rot must have a copy of the TOPGUARD Fungicide Section 18 Exemption label for Texas on hand during application.


Please review the label or this fact sheet for correct application rates and further application directions. Learn more from cotton growers who have had success with TOPGUARD to control cotton root rot in cotton.


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Always read and follow label directions. TOPGUARD is a registered trademark of Cheminova, Inc.

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